Main Contact Details:

Tel: 0871 873 3326
Fax: 0871 873 3327

Our booking teams are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! 

Employers: if you are a healthcare service provider and require temporary staff, please contact us with details of your location, the type of staff required and for how long they are needed by calling us on 0845 452 3313.

Candidates: Mayfair Nurses employs a team of qualified nursing staff as consultants who are responsible for all our face to face interviews throughout the UK. The consultants are based regionally and will interview you at locations close to you. All interviews are strictly by appointment only – so to make an appointment please contact us on 0871 873 3350. 

Compliance Department:

Tel: 0871 873 3309


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Time sheets can be posted to: 
Group House
92 - 94 Lind Road
Sutton, Surrey

Or email completed time sheets to:
To request new time sheets email:
Payroll Email:

Tel: 0871 873 3301
Fax: 0871 873 3371


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Tel: 0871 873 3358