Bank Holiday Deadlines – Easter and May 2015

Dear Agency Worker

Please take note of the following to ensure prompt payment during the upcoming 2015 bank holiday periods. Please make sure that your timesheets arrive at the Head Office by post, hand delivered (92-96 Lind Road, Sutton, SM1 4PL), or email: as follows:

Please also note the following regarding the deadline for w/e 29/03/15:
1. Timesheet submission – end of Tax Year 2014/2015, weekending 29/03/15(shifts including Sunday 29 March 2015).
*Weekending 29/03/15 is the last week of the Tax Year 2014/2015 so please get your timesheets into us well before 09.30am Monday 30 March 2015 deadline.

For example: If you are working for the whole of the week previous, please send in your timesheets as you complete shifts rather than try to send them all on the Monday morning following that week’s work. Due to the tight timescales Payroll will be processing timesheets as soon as they come in to ensure we can pay you promptly on Thursday 02 April 2015 for the work you have completed the previous week.