Neonatal Specialist Nursing

Mayfair seeks qualified Neonatal nursing candidates to work in specialist neonatal units, within maternity and children's hospitals, and in the community

Mayfair is in contact with major employers of neonatal nurses and provides agency nurses as a result of illness or holiday absence or continuing staff shortages. The agency is usually able to provide posts at short notice for short or longer periods of placement.

Candidates are advised to speak to Mayfair consultants on a regular basis and also to keep their on-line diaries up to date.

Neonatal nurses working with Mayfair care for new-born babies who are premature or born with an illness. There are a wide range of conditions that can affect new-born babies and require treatment from specialists within the multidisciplinary healthcare team.

Premature babies may have particular problems such as respiratory or other difficulties that may be life threatening if not treated promptly and appropriately by specialist teams. Additionally, the nutritional needs of sick and premature babies will require specialist support.

The neonatal nurse also has the important role of supporting the parent or parents of the baby at a time when they are probably very anxious and stressed. As far as possible, the parents and sometimes other family members are encouraged to take an active part in the care of the baby.

Mayfair registers qualified neonatal nurses for temporary assignments, who usually have a background as an adult or children’s nurse or midwife.

Neonatal nursing training programmes are usually delivered as CPD continuing professional development. They contain a range of modules, which specialise in different aspects of neonatal nursing.

Programmes are normally delivered in partnership with higher education institutions and also health care trusts. They may be available online, which offer the opportunity for distance learning.

As well as the general skills needed to be a nurse, candidate neonatal nurses require good interpersonal skills:- empathy: an understanding and relationship with the parents and other family members, a genuine interest in babies, understanding of the physiological and psychological needs of the new-born baby, the experience and competence to work in a highly technical area, the ability and willingness to work effectively in a multidisciplinary team.

Work opportunities
At Mayfair we continue to have positions available nationwide, due to the shortage of staff working as neonatal nurses. The agency has positions in all regions and areas: London, Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, Glasgow, Birmingham, Bradford, Sheffield and Belfast.

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