Now CRB Renewal in just Nine Days on Mayfair Specialist Nurses Web

Agency nurses can now apply for CRB Criminal records Bureau checks on the internet with the Mayfair Specialist Nurses following the release of the latest application update of the agency’s web-based system, A24 Connect.

This new advance in CRB renewal will speed up dramatically the turnaround of Criminal Records checks, the agency says, to ensure that all its registered medical staff remain compliant and are able to work at all times. Mayfair Specialist Nurses, a division of the A24 Group, estimates that renewals will take from just nine days, where there are no previous convictions or cautions present on the applicant’s record.

The requirement by the NHS is that all agency workers must hold an enhanced CRB disclosure that is less than 12 months old. With current delays within the CRB system, says the agency, this has meant that some candidates currently have to re-apply four months before expiration.

Agency workers registered with Mayfair Specialist Nurses, can apply by logging onto A24connect, the unique web portal that enables medical staff to access work information and interact with the agency online 24 hours a day. Web visitors are prompted if their CRB certification is due for renewal and can then complete an on-line application form.

Agency staff simply log onto A24connect and follow the prompts to complete the online CRB application form. An electronic payment is then required for the CRB fee, currently £46.20. The agency countersigns the document once it is received and the application is automatically sent to the CRB. Candidates can log into A24 Connect to track progress at any time.

Mayfair Specialist Nurses, advises that with the introduction of the web-based service, applications on CRB printed forms cannot be accepted by the agency, and all submissions and payments must be on-line.

A24 Connect is an advanced web-based system that offers Agency nurses and HCAs an on-line work diary and range of advanced service features to help personnel to save time and ensure compliance. Candidates can update their availability for work, change bank information, download timesheets, view their compliance status, manage work history and references, and provide feedback.

Penny Streeter OBE is managing director of the A24 Group, which employs a dedicated development team of 18 software developers.

“This is a further stage in our constant investment in healthcare staffing technology and services – to ensure that we remain the leading agency group. We’re one of the largest users of the Criminal Records Bureau and process in excess of 900 enhanced disclosures every month and have worked with the bureau to develop our CRB online module.”

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