Support for Specialist Nurses at Mayfair Nursing Agency

Mayfair Specialist Nurses offers excellent job choice, pay and support to a range of #SpecialistNurses - Click here to view our Pay Rates.

The agency recognises the special skills and experience of nurses who have sought extra training in specialist fields, to provide dedicated support.

Specialist nurses are dedicated to a particular area of nursing. They care for patients suffering from long-term conditions and diseases such as cancer, diabetes, Parkinson’s, chronic heart failure and dementia. Nurses provide direct patient care and play a vital role in educating patients on how to manage their symptoms - as well as offering support following diagnosis. Often the involvement of a specialist nurse may prevent patients being re-hospitalised.

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Our web pages show the pay scales for the nursing and HCAs candidate positions at Mayfair. Please note that to work and be paid as a specialist nurse, you will need to provide certificates that demonstrate your specialist skills - and also have a minimum of one year’s experience in the specialisations.

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