Recruitment Process

Mayfair Specialist Nurses recruits, manages and selects specialist nurses and HCA candidates for healthcare service providers nationwide. Our systems and procedures are regularly audited and updated according to best industry practice, client feedback and analysis of client and candidate needs.

How we recruit, manage and select candidates:

  • Recruitment: National advertising programmes, including local campaigns to meet spot staffing needs
  • Interviews: Face-to-face interviews to assess candidate suitability
  • Registration process: DBS checks, 23-page career application form, all referees contacted; career certification verified
  • Checking and auditing: further detailed checks to confirm candidate complianceExample2
  • Selection safeguards: automated processes to ensure continuing compliance and mandatory training
  • Complaints, Audit & Review systems: to support safety, performance and responsiveness

Why Nurses & Employers choose Mayfair

Because our systems and processes for recruitment are unmatched: safe, secure and efficient. Our responsibilities to patients, clients and nurses are paramount. Every care is taken to ensure that the highest possible standards are maintained in the recruitment, management and booking of agency nurses & HCAs. We work closely with clients and other stakeholders to maintain and continuously improve standards. Some key statistics:

  • Enterprise bespoke ICT system developed in-house: 100,000 hours development time over 7 years.
  • Compliance team: we have 60+ staff dedicated exclusively to credentials checks.
  • Compliance work; we make daily 2,000+ calls; 30 calls on average to validate one nurse.
  • More work: weekly we upload 24,000+ files to our ICT system, send 900+ emails, 500 faxes.
  • Then… re-check: all compliance is verified by our independent Quality Control team.

Maintaining Compliance

We have a range of policies and procedures to ensure that agency candidates remain compliant and that qualifications are current . Primary features include:

  • On-going training: 13 mandatory courses; 60 events & 900 candidates attend monthly.
  • Compliance protection: daily system-generated expiry report details of training dates.
  • Compliance reminders: automated e-mail reminders to candidates.
  • Compliance safeguard: automatic system exclusion of staff from booking on expiry.
  • System fail-safe: 100 candidates monthly fail compliance and are de-selected and contacted

A24 Group Ambition 24hours is regulated by The Care Quality Commission to provide the following regulated activities: Diagnostic and screening procedures; Personal Care; Treatment of disease, disorder or injury.


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Fax Number: 0871 873 3327