Our goal is to provide nursing and HCA agency staff that match your specific needs, by qualifications, training and experience. Our agency service is prompt, efficient, and conforms to the highest industry standards of safety.

The primary services and expertise of Mayfair are as follows:

  • Recruitment:

Mayfair is a leading recruiter of specialist nursing staff. We have developed systems and expertise to identify and attract qualified staff through the internet, published media and other resources, to meet our client’s needs promptly.

  • Compliance:

We ensure candidate compliance with statutory requirements and industry standards. Face-to face interviews and the checking and confirmation of credentials and qualifications for each candidate are mandatory. We recruit and train staff specifically for this key activity, to ensure the safety and security of our selection processes.

  • Management:

The management and placing of temporary staff with our clients for assignments is the primary work of our consultants’ teams. They are experienced in developing an understanding of clients’ staffing needs, and then selecting from available medical personnel with matching qualifications and experience from our comprehensive database – supported by our bespoke Enterprise ICT system. All processes are fully compliant with Agency Worker Regulations*

  • Payment and Reporting:

The A24 Group is fully accountable to our clients, supported by detailed reporting facilities for the services we provide. We operate a system of validated time-sheets to account for assignments booked with our clients,. Mayfair can report on bookings and complete payment transactions using the latest technology, securely.

Note: Agency Worker Regulations:

Mayfair ensures that operation of the AWR is as convenient as possible for each client. Our central AWR team ( deals with all AWR queries. Our dedicated IT systems are fully compatible with necessary calculations and reporting , including the agency worker qualifying week and current break count.


Contact Number: 0871 873 3326
Fax Number: 0871 873 3327