Register today with Mayfair Specialist Nurses, one of the top UK nursing agencies for temporary and longer jobs for specialist staff. This includes: NHS Theatre Nurses, Surgical, SCBU, Renal/ Dialysis, PICU, Paediatrics, ODP, NICU, Midwives, Dental, ITU, HDU, CCU and Cardiac, Cardiothoracic, Acute Medical, and Accident and Emergency A&E.

Registering with Mayfair Specialist Nurses allows you to work for all 5 agencies in the A24 Group. Each agency has its own field of specialities allowing you to work in your desired field.

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Mayfair Specialist Nurses was established in 1998 to engage specialist healthcare staff for their individual professional skills and experience.

Mayfair has gained a reputation as one of the leading nursing agencies amongst NHS trusts and numerous private healthcare groups, across the UK, for its ability to quickly understand the specific staffing needs of each healthcare service provider.

Hospitals, GP surgeries and other care providers know that Mayfair can supply nurses and HCAs with the skills and experience to match each shift.

Phone us - 0845 452 3313

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